While eyes are said to be the mirror to the soul, they are not all the same. Eyes are unique and come in many different variations of shape.

You may be wondering whether a particular style would suit your eye shape. It would be good to identify your eye shape to see which style would work best before making your purchase.

Some of the more common eye shapes are described below, as well as the lashes that would be suitable:


Slightly pointed at the ends with a wider centre. Your iris is usually partially hidden by the upper and lower lids. Considered to be the most proportionate of all eye shapes, these eyes are said to suit any false eyelashes. Show off the natural beauty of your eyes by adding criss-cross lashes with natural volume that are evenly distributed along the band.

We recommend: Iris, Sierra, Aurora 


If you have a less defined crease and a less prominent brow bone with the eyelids flat on the surface, you have Monolid eyes. You often have naturally straight eyelashes. Dramatic lashes with a criss-cross design work best as these can give instant lift and dimension without overpowering the natural beauty of your Monolid eyes.

We recommend:  Aurora, Verona & Hailey 


You have Hooded eyes when the crease of your eyelid is not particularly visible because it is covered by an additional layer of skin that droops over the crease. Choose lash styles with a dense base that will open up your eyes and conceal the appearance of having small eyes. Strip lashes that are slightly longer in the centre can also create the illusion of added depth.

We recommend: Ava, Kerry, Siena 



When you look straight ahead in the mirror, if you can see most of your iris, then you have round eyes. Round eyes are more circular and un-elongated. Choose curly lashes to lift and enhance the curve of your top eyelid. Avoid heavy and voluminous lashes, which could overwhelm your lash line and make your eyes appear smaller.

We recommend: Iris, Hedy, Regina 


Downturned eyes have a downward tilt at the outer corners making your upper lid appear larger. To counter this, opt for a flared style that is longer at the outer corner for a soft, winged out effect.

We recommend: Iris, Regina, Sierra


Also known as Cat eyes, Upturned eyes have a slight lift at the outer edges. Lashes that gradually increase in length towards the outer corners in a classic winged shape will produce a more elongated effect which can look stunning on Upturned eyes.

We recommend: Clio, Aurora, Chelsea 


Close-Set eyes mean the inner corners of your eyes sit close to your nose. Focus on accentuating the outer corners to lift and lengthen your eyes. The best style for this eye shape should flare outwards, making them appear wider.

We recommend: Hebe, Audrey, Hope 


You have Wide-Set eyes when the inner corner of your eyes sits further away from your nose. Choose lash styles that are voluminous and longer in the middle. Also, the fuller the lashes are at the inner corners, the closer together your eyes will appear. Criss-cross styles will open up your eyes and make them appear bigger. Avoid flared lashes as this will emphasise the distance between your eyes.

We recommend: Selene, Grace, Florence 


As the name suggests, you have Deep Set eyes when your eyes are set deeper into the eye socket. You tend to have a more prominent brow bone and usually bigger eyes. To balance out the depth of your eyes, select wispy lashes that are longer in the middle, away from the brow.

We recommend: Selene, Grace, Georgia 


Prominent eyes (commonly called protruding eyes) are when your eyelids appear projected out from the eye socket area. This eye shape usually has a well-defined crease and plenty of extra eyelid space for applying eyeshadow and liner. A lash style with natural, varying short-to-medium lash lengths will provide a stunning effect to your eyes.

We recommend: Hera, Georgia, Hope

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