Is Miss Mimz a cruelty-free brand?

Miss Mimz is a Cruelty-Free & Vegan brand certified by PETA. No animals are involved or tested in any part of the creation of our products. Our lashes are made with natural and premium synthetic fibres only.

How many times can I reuse Miss Mimz lashes?

Our lashes have been lovingly crafted for an average 10+ uses per pair for our Elemental & Enchanting Collection, and an average 20+ uses per pair for our Faux Mink Collection. This can be achieved with proper care and gentle handling.  

How do I remove my Miss Mimz lashes?

To remove your Miss Mimz lashes, please follow the following easy steps:

  • Select either your left or right eyelash to remove your first falsie.
  • From the outer edge of the selected eyelash, hold the falsie securely at the base of the lash band with your thumb and index finger.
  • Gently pull the lash band inwards towards the direction of your nose.
  • Repeat the above steps with the other eyelash.

If your falsies were affixed properly, they should come off easily without too much effort or discomfort. However, if you do face some difficulty in removing the falsie, use a cotton bud to dab a little non oil based makeup remover onto the adhesive along your lash line.

Lift the outer edge of the lash band after the adhesive has fully softened; then slowly pull inwards towards the direction of your nose as before.

Can I wear Miss Mimz lashes if I have eye lash extensions?

We do not recommend wearing Miss Mimz lashes if you have eyelash extensions.

How do I apply false lashes? 

Learn how to apply false lashes in four easy steps HERE

Learn how to apply false lashes using our EZ Liner HERE

How do I know which lashes are the right for my eyes?

Knowing which style is suitable for you takes a little experimentation. It also depends on the look that you are aiming to achieve, as well as your eye shape. Find out your eye shape and the lashes that are suitable for you eyes HERE 

Should you need a little help and guidance, we would be glad to assist you. Do contact us through WhatsApp and we will advise you on which style is perfect for you!

Can I get my false lashes wet?

Miss Mimz Lashes are handcrafted out of natural fibres and synthetic blends. You should never ever get your falsies wet! Once our natural fibres falsies get wet, it becomes difficult to maintain its shape and form. For our falsies that are made from synthetic blends; although they can withstand water better, we would still not recommend that you get them wet at any time.

Can I apply mascara to Miss Mimz Lashes?

Mascara contains oils that can ruin the quality of the lash hair of your falsies. This will limit the number of times that you can re-use your Miss Mimz Lashes and shorten its life span. Please do not ever apply mascara on your falsies. Should you feel the need for mascara, please apply it on your natural lashes BEFORE affixing your Miss Mimz Lashes.


Does Miss Mimz offer a Professional Makeup Artist & Student Discount Programme?

Yes, we do offer a Professional Makeup Artist & Student Discount Programme. For more information about our Artistry Programme click HERE.


How long does my order take to process?

Once we receive your order on our website, it shall normally take one (1) working day to process your purchase request. During holiday seasons in Malaysia, or during sales promotion periods, we regret that orders may take longer to process. We do hope for your patience during these special times, as it may then take longer to confirm your purchase before we can ship.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Shipping or delivery will be through third-party logistics companies. Once your order is processed, generally deliveries within Peninsular Malaysia should take no longer than two (2) to four (4) working days. For Sabah and Sarawak, expect delivery with three (3) to five (5) working days. However these are still subject to our logistical partners arrangements.

For international orders, shipping time will be dependent on the shipping method and location of delivery.

What is the Returns and Exchange policy?

Please visit our REFUND POLICY page for details.

How much are shipping costs?

Please visit our SHIPPING POLICY page for details.