Miss Mimz has a FINAL SALE policy. Due to the nature of our product and for reasons of hygiene, we do not offer refunds and exchanges for any of our products.

However, should you receive a product that is defective or damaged, or there is a discrepancy or mistake in the delivery of your order, we will of course either refund or replace the product, subject to the following conditions:

  • You must email within 72 hours from the date of receiving your shipment. We will not provide refunds or replacements for complaints made after more than 72 hours from the date of receiving your shipment, or for products that have clearly been used.
  • Your e-mail must state the nature of the problem, your name, your order number, photograph of the wrongly delivered, defective or damaged product or any other such proof of the discrepancy in the delivery; as the case may be.
  • We will evaluate the complaint, and if found to be valid, you will either be eligible for a refund or replacement of the items. Should you opt and we agree to a refund, your money shall be refunded within seven (7) to fourteen (14) days as per the original manner of payment and to the person documented as being the Customer in the original order. Should it be mutually agreed to replace the items, we will ship you the replacements as per the time frame stated in our Shipping Policy.
  • Our lashes are crafted to high standards of quality control and assurance. However, our lashes are generally made by hand; and for any hand-made products crafted by skilled artisans it is not possible to achieve machine made levels of consistency, and a certain amount of variation is to be expected. Any such variations to our hand-crafted products are minor and cannot be used as a reason to ask for a refund or replacement of the product.
  • While we strive to ensure that all deliveries are correct and in accordance to the Customer’s order, in the event that there is a genuine shortcoming on our part, we will endeavour to come up with an amicable solution to resolve the matter.
  • If, after our investigation, the complaints or claims are found to be invalid, we will communicate this with you, for your understanding and acceptance.

All decisions made by Miss Mimz are final. By purchasing any of our products, you agree that any decisions subsequently made by Miss Mimz on refunds, replacements, mistakes or discrepancies shall not be subject to further appeal or review.